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Virginio Lini


I was born in San Daniele Po (Italy), and I got my Diploma in Theater

Stagecraft at "P. Toschi " Art Institute of Parma.  I have partecipated

to several National and International competitions since I was student.


Later on, I have partecipated to the realization of the scenography

on sketches of Nicola Benois of the Stiffellio - Giuseppe Verdi's

opera in the opening season of the Royal Theater of Parma on 23th

december 1968.


Virginio Lini


At the beginings of years eighty I have faced in my work the theme:

"The World of the Social Outcasts". Since then, I have taken a long

pause for reflection of about 20 years, until to the recent production.

Particolare di mani


Theme: "Freedom Horses"

Gruppo rouge


My recent pictures deal the theme "Freedom Horses ". It's a chromatic

interpretation of horses with colorful manes, nudes without bridles, in

their natural attitude of the race, resting, moving in unnatural

environments, with high constrasts “floors, skies, spheres” in extreme

freedom and naturality.


Actual Theme :

At the moment, I'm working hard, about from 2 years, to complete the

new theme "THE SENSES", that I have recently exposed (view video).


San Giorgio (Pala d'altare)


... they are real animals and the same time images of themselves, they are

essences, spirits of freedom, symbols of vitality, elegance, grace, naturality;

integral and pure,in a perfect native world, just created.

Perfect like the sphere, ordered and cert like a chessboead, and equally

mysterious like a checkers piece. They are exchange of humanity, gauge

of nature that challenges itself, that dances on the space, and abolished

the time. Their color, green, yellow, blue, and red make them like pieces

of a game that is projected in a picture, erasing the physicalness, traced

and described with ability and bravura ...



Virginio Lini

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